Dear visitor,

Skräddare Ellen Wiström is a tailor in Linköping, Sweden. I started my own Company in 2007 but have worked with sewing, textiles and tailoring since 1998. My workshop is located in the Beautiful city park of Linköping and I share my space with other artisans such as a glassmaker, a blacksmith and architects.

I can meet many of your sartorial needs such as customize and re-cut clothes as well as take on bespoke comissions on shirts, dresses, coats and much more. I have specialized in renovating and re-cutting high-end tailoring, handstitches, excellent materials, bespoke commissions and teaching. My prices ranges between 200 and 3000 SEK for alterations and 1000 to 30 000 SEK or more for commissions, materials not included.

Please Contact me if you need help locating any other goods and similar services such as decent shoerepair.

My market is mainly local but I am willing to work with clients in other places, as long as certain conditions are met.

I do not keep large quantities of fabric on hold but rather order the exakt amount for each unique client.

Pay with Mastercard /Visa or cash.

For more information, or to book an appointment,  contact me here:

+46702656319 / info@ellenwistrom.se

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